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At Guardian Memorial Society, we take great pride in providing dignified, professional services at affordable prices through our extensive network of independent participating providers.  By chosing us, you can be assured of receiving excellent service and pricing.   
Call today for an appointment, and one of our qualified counselors will meet at a time and location that is convenient for you, because we want to make this process easy for you.
Benefits to Planning Ahead              Pre-Financing Options
We’ve all planned for important life events such as weddings, houses, and children.  We’ve even planned for events that "might happen" such as a fire or accident.
Did you know that at the time of death, over 70 decisions must be made within a 24-hour period? That can leave family members feeling overwhelmed, because the decisions must be made while they are grieving and least prepared.
Talking about death is often difficult, but funeral arrangements are an important consideration that should be discussed openly and frankly.  Pre-arranging gives you the opportunity to become informed about your options in an unpressured environment when you have the time to think things through. You’re in full control and you can select and specify the services that truly have meaning to you and your family.
Pre-arranging is a wonderful first-step; but don't stop there.  The decision to pre-finance is very important, as well.  Pre-financing a funeral is a wonderful way to assist your survivors after death occurs.

Pre-financing gives you the opportunity to lock in your funeral costs at today’s prices and spare your family from emotional overspending and unnecessary financial burdens.
Planning a funeral in advance, and making the financial commitment for payment, often provide the peace of mind that all details at the time of death will be carried out as previously arranged.
At Guardian Memorial Society, we offer packages to suit every need and budget.  Call us today to set up your free, no obligation appointment, and see just how affordable "peace of mind" can be.
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Guardian Memorial Society (GMS) is not a funeral establishment or in the practice of providing funeral direction or service.  GMS is not licensed in the State of Michigan for the practice of mortuary science.   Our network of participating funeral establishments hold licenses in Michigan for the practice of mortuary science and all of the embalming, funeral directing and related mortuary science services you select..